It’s sad to know that people have forgotten we share the Earth with animals. They’re Earthlings, just as we are. Their lives have value. Just because we don’t understand them in the sense that our communication is limited, doesn’t mean they’re unintelligent or should be exploited for our greed. 

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Vegan: Dogs and Cats are often killed in the fur trade
Non Vegan: ...
Vegan: Dogs and Cats are often tested on for medicine and cosmestics
Non Vegan: ...
Vegan: Dogs and Cats are often selectively bred for humans while other undesirable breeds that could be adopted are put to death
Non Vegan: ..
Vegan: After extensive research, approval from my vet, blood-work and tests, I've decided to put my dog on a vegan diet. Standard dog food was making her sick.
Non Vegan: OMFG! How dare you, you sick animal abusers! YOURE GONNA KILL YOUR DOG YOU piece of shit!!! burn in hell! I HOPE YOUR DOG GETS TAKEN AWAY!!


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